Frequently Asked Questions about Email Platform Upgrade

Exciting news! As part of Homestead's commitment to continuously improve our services, we are upgrading your email
to a new platform that has increased reliability. The upgrade should not impact your email delivery, and no mail should be lost.
Once you are migrated, your mail will be on the new email interface.

Questions about accessing my email

Will my email address and password change?

No, your email address and password will not change.

How do I access my email?

  • If you access email from the Webmail button in the upper right corner of, this log in will continue to work.
  • If you access email from, this will no longer work with the new email provider. You will need to log in using Webmail as described above.
  • If you access email from Outlook or a mobile device using POP or IMAP, your mail servers will change, and you will need to update these settings before logging in. Learn how to update your mail server settings.

Questions about my email platform features

What will transfer over to my new email?

We’ll automatically be moving the following items to your new email:

  • All of the folders and email in your inbox
  • All of your current sent messages
  • Your address book and contacts
  • Your primary calendar (if you have more than one calendar, only the first calendar will be moved to the new platform)
  • Your automatic mail forwarding

What won't transfer over to my email?

A few features won't be transferred but can be easily recreated in your new email:

  • Tags
  • Vacation Notice
  • Signatures

How much disk space will I have with my new email?

Your email account will now have 500MB of disk space.

Questions about my mailing lists

Why are my mailing lists no longer available?

Mailing lists will not be supported on the new platform. Why discontinue mailing lists? Occasionally, one of our customers will send bulk messages in ways they shouldn't, which can result in all of our customer mail being flagged as spam, and ultimately blocked, by certain ISPs. Discontinuing the use of bulk mailings means better email deliverability for all of our customers.

How can I send email to all of my customers now?

If you wish to bulk email your customers, we recommend using a professional email marketing provider, which will have tools for advanced list subscription management. In fact, we've partnered with EmailBrain, a leading email marketing provider, to offer you a free 90-day trial.

What happens to all of my mailing list contacts?

While we are discontinuing mailing lists, we recognize you may need a record of your lists, so we will be exporting your mailing lists. We’ll be sending them to Homestead account holder email address via a spreadsheet.

What happens if I lose my exported mailing lists?

You can request another copy of your exported mailing list by contacting customer support.

What happens to mailing list elements on my website?

If you have mailing list elements on your website, your visitors will no longer be able to join or remove from a mailing list because they are no longer available. Please launch your SiteBuilder software, delete the mailing list elements from your website, and save and publish your website.

Questions about setting up my mail on Outlook or a mobile device

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What if my domain is registered at another company (like GoDaddy)?

If your domain is registered at another company like GoDaddy and is pointed to your Homestead website, you will need to have the other company update your DNS records. Learn more about your new DNS records.